Buyer Terms And Conditions

Buyer Obligations

  1. To bid on our online auctions, you must register on our website and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

  2. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. By registering with us, you agree to be bound by the most current set of Terms and Conditions as published on this site.

  3. By registering, you provide explicit permission to receive email notifications from Transition Squad Inc., including notices of upcoming auctions which may include other marketing communications. You can opt out of notices of upcoming auctions by clicking on the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of such notices. This will not prevent you from bidding in future auctions or attending physical estate sales. However, you cannot unsubscribe from email notifications advising that you have been outbid or have won items you bid on.

  4. You agree to provide accurate and complete contact information when registering and keep it updated in the event you move or change such contact information so that we may reach you in cases of bid problems, scheduling changes and other related information, or where you may participate in auctions where certain items are to be shipped.

  5. To place a bid in any of our online auctions, you must submit your valid credit card information (VISA or MC Credit Cards, or VISA or MC Debit Cards only) along with your first bid in each auction that you participate in. Your card will be authorized in order to authenticate your identity FOR THAT AUCTION ONLY. Once authorized, you may increase your bids and bid on other items without re-entering your credit card information for that auction.

  6. To bid on items running in other auctions, you will be required to enter your credit card information again.

  7. Bids must be placed by the specified bid deadline. Transition Squad reserves the right to arbitrate and reassign any winning bid for reasons including but not limited to system malfunction, user error or time zone variances with our hosting provider. Any bids received after the bid deadline, even if a system malfunction allows it, will be disqualified. Bid deadlines will be based on the time local to the auction premises.

  8. Transition Squad makes every effort to test our software thoroughly before launching it for public use, however due to the vast array of hardware, operating systems, browsers and other software resident on devices, software programming does have a potential for compatibility issues and unexpected bugs. You agree to hold Transition Squad Head Office, its franchisees, agents, representatives and organizers (in the event of a fundraising auction) harmless in such an event, and your understanding is appreciated if something unexpected happens. Please report it at your earliest opportunity to our technical support department at (416) 249-4049 x303.

  9. You understand that bids cannot be retracted by you once placed and each bid legally binds you to complete the purchase if you are the high bidder.

  10. If you are notified that you are the winning bidder, you must attend the pickup period during the designated date(s) and time(s) to pick up your item(s). This is the only window available for pickup of winning items. If you believe that you may not be able to attend during the designated date(s) and time(s), then do not bid.

  11. In order for your winning item to be released, you must bring your receipt with you or be able to show it on your phone or tablet. You must also show a piece of valid photo id (e.g.: driver's license, health card, etc.) unless you are known to the designated Sale Manager.

  12. You understand that items are for pickup only and will not be shipped unless specified in the individual auction's sale details. Sale details come up when first visiting each auction. They are also viewable by clicking on the Sale Details link below the header.

  13. You agree that if you are not able to pick up your items during the designated pickup period, you forfeit your item(s) without a refund. You may however authorize someone else to pick up your items on your behalf by:

    • Sending an email to the Sale Manager advising the name of the person authorized to pick up on your behalf, and
    • Forwarding your receipt to the party who will be picking up for you. They must also provide valid photo id in order for the item to be released, unless they are known to the Sale Manager
    • If both of the above actions are not taken, the item will not be released and you risk forfeiting your items without a refund.

  14. You understand that all items are being sold "AS-IS, WHERE IS" with no representation of quality, condition, workmanship or regulatory compliance beyond the pickup date, other than the provisions of Buyer Protection listed below.

  15. Unlike other auction websites, Transition Squad does not charge a Buyer's Premium. However, $1.50 surcharge will apply if your total (before tax) is less than $15 to cover credit card fees.

  16. Sales tax applies on total online auction purchases including above noted surcharge.

  17. For online auctions from our Consignment Store, we offer a 7 day exchange policy only, no refunds apply. A voucher will be issued that can be used within the next 6 months.

  18. For Consignment Store online auctions, items not picked up during the pickup period without prior arrangements being made will be deemed forfeited without a refund.

  19. You agree to bring appropriate tools, packing materials and helpers to dismantle and remove the items from the auction premises.

  20. We highly recommend that you not bring young children with you to the pickup or previews. Doing so will be at your own risk and you agree to hold Transition Squad Head Office, its franchisees, agents, representatives and organizers (in the event of a fundraising auction) harmless in the event of injury or death.

  21. You agree to cover the cost of any damage caused to the premises or to other items by you and/or those attending the pickup with you, including children, and/or those assigned or hired by you to conduct the pickup, or if applicable, during an onsite preview. You provide approval to charge such costs to your credit card or, at Transition Squad's discretion, pay for such costs when presented with appropriate estimates.

  22. Transition Squad's online auctions and estate sales are meant to be family-friendly events that are designed to be safe and fun for all parties. You agree to conduct yourself in a professional, reasonable manner that does not create or encourage conflict or violate anyone's rights or privacy. This includes but is not limited to carrying on in a disruptive manner, using offensive or disrespectful language of any sort, contacting sellers privately or trespassing on their property for advance viewing or purchase opportunities. Charges may be laid in the event of trespassing.

Buyer Protection

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