Make Money With Your Own Buy/Sell Dealer Business

Make Money With Your Own Buy/Sell Dealer Business

The Buy/Sell Dealer industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Fueled by giants like Amazon, Wayfair, Alibaba and Facebook, people just like you are buying and selling as sideline gigs to make extra money or as serious business ventures. You too can benefit from this movement whether you want to work from home part time for additional cash, start small and grow at your own pace or build/grow a serious business to generate a full time income.

Transition Squad®'s Buy/Sell/Consign Dealer Program teaches you how to:

  • Start or grow your own buy/sell dealer business
  • Make UP TO 90% PROFIT by selling through online auction
  • Provide chargeable services of photography and setting up postings for others
  • Minimize investment and risk in inventory
  • Spend less time and effort while making more money
  • Avoid buying items that don't sell
  • Price items so they sell for a profit
  • Eliminate negotiating.

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