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Online Fundraising Auction Platform

"All in all, the process was seamless and we raised more funds than expected. In addition, several donors have advised that they will keep us in mind for future auctions, so we are now planning on holding two auctions per year – once in the spring and again in the fall to coincide with the changing seasons and spring and fall de-cluttering!"
...Karen Ormerod, Executive Director, Humane Society of Durham Region

In addition to downsizing estate auctions, Transition Squad's online auction platform can also be used as a modern fundraising tool by schools, charities, sports teams, churches and other not-for-profits. It is a green initiative which fosters recycling and repurposing with no door-to-door selling. For many organizations, Transition Squad Online Fundraising Auctions expose kids to a real-life, online business experience with opportunities to bond with parents while determining what to donate, researching the market and watching the auction results, as well as photo club participation. Business donations of products and services, as well as personal effects are eligible.

We offer two tiers of service - Client Managed Auctions and Transition Squad Managed Auctions.

Client Managed Auctions

Client handles and manages:

  • Donation solicitation
  • Item approval
  • Item drop-off
  • Photography
  • Generating an inventory list
  • Uploading to Transition Squad
  • Item pickup by winners.
Transition Squad provides:
  • A comprehensive guide to running a successful auction
  • Free auction strategy development
  • Free live training
  • Free support and coaching
  • Online portal for donation submission and pre-approval
  • Custom web page for your auction
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Conducting the auction on our proprietary online platform
  • Bidder authentication and credit card processing for winners
  • Sales tax calculation, collection and remittance, as applicable
  • Online portal for receipting
  • Payment reconciliation.

Transition Squad Managed Auctions

Where Transition Squad has a local franchisee, we also offer a fully managed solution to undertake the client side elements above. Our procedures and guidelines are tightly monitored to ensure a family-friendly, fundraising-appropriate event.

In either Client Managed or Transition Squad Managed cases, there are no upfront costs. Only a percentage profit sharing applies. Contact us to find out more.

Transition Squad is a big believer in giving back. In addition to helping schools, charities and other not-for-profits fundraise through online fundraising auctions, we also give a portion of our sales to support multiple causes in the communities we serve. Rather than focusing on just one charity, we believe in trying to help as many as we can.

When clients in Toronto and surrounding area consign items through our Consignment Store, most sell during the consignment period. For items that have not sold by the end of the consignment period, clients are free to pick them up or donate them to our charity program, in which case we will price them to sell and 10% of the sale price is put into a charity fund.

Once the fund builds to a sufficient level, each of our franchisees nominate a small to mid-size charity from their communities from which we invite five to compete for these funds. Users to our website vote on which of the listed charities they like the best. The charity with the most votes gets 50% of the prize, second place gets 20% and the other three get 10% each. Charities are able to vote for themselves as well as garner the support of their communities and stakeholders to vote for their "home team". Users do not have to make any purchases to vote.

To see past winners of our Charity Challenge and other causes we have contributed to, click here.

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