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What Is SupportLocal.Club?

Due to COVID, we are waiving all fees for local merchants FOR A LIMITED TIME!

For many years, Transition Squad® has been doing estate, downsizing and consignment auctions for primarily second hand items. SupportLocal.Club is an initiative by Transition Squad® to give back to the community by supporting local merchants while providing our members with the opportunity to purchase new products, services and experiences through our online auction platform. The Club consists of local merchants who are offering incentives to our members and members who want to support them.

Over the years, we have built an active database of auction buyers. Many of our member's follow us from auction to auction on a regular basis, some even look at our website almost every day. By adding gift cards/vouchers and coupons for local merchants, we are encouraging our members to shop locally and take advantage of the deals that these local merchants are providing.

If you are a local merchant, for example a restaurant, salon, car dealership, etc., any type of business that provides products, services or experiences to consumers, we would be happy to support you to our member database. Contact us or fill out and submit the form below and one of our representives will contact you to get things started.

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