The Different Tiers Of Auctions Transition Squad® Conducts

At Transition Squad®, we offer four different tiers of auctions based on what each seller client has, how much they have and what level of assistance they need. This helps seller clients reduce costs and make more money if they can do some of the work themselves.

Flash Auctions From Our Virtual Consignment Store
This is easy to use, Do It Yourself solution for those that have a small number of things to sell, even as little as one lot. We group your items with other clients' items and conduct an ongoing online auction. Winning bidders pick up the items directly from your premises so you don't have to pay for shipping or packing. Just think - NO MOVING COSTS! You can set up as little as one lot for auction and set your own auction period of anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days, based on your scheduling requirements.

Do It Yourself Dedicated Online Auctions
Every auction has two parts - 1) the onsite work of setting up lots, photographing them, writing descriptions, setting minimum bids and managing the pickup, and 2) the "back office" work of conducting the auction, marketing and credit card payment collection.

We'll provide you with training and unlimited support along the way at no charge. And we only charge on items we sell.

With our Do It Yourself Dedicated Online Auctions all items are dedicated to your auction. If you can do a garage sale, you can easily run an online auction. So, if you have the time and the ability to do the onsite work, you can save a lot and be guaranteed to make money on the sale of your items.

Transition Squad® Fully Managed Online Auctions
This solution is for those that need to sell an entire household of contents quickly, efficiently and for the most the market will bear, but do not have the time, energy or ability to do it themselves. One of our Transition Squad® teams will come to your premises, work with you to decide what is for sale, pull everything out, set up lots, arrange photography, fill out descriptions, set fair market value starting bids, conduct and advertise the auction and manage the pickup. They will provide you with a free initial consultation and develop a Transition Action Plan at no charge. Upon approval, they will manage the entire process on your behalf. You don't even have to be there while all this is going on. This tier of service is only available where we have local representatives.

Transition Squad® Partially Managed Online Auctions
With this option, clients will primarily do a Do It Yourself Dedicated Online Auction and can purchase assistance with setup, photography, descriptions, pricing and managing the pickup on an à la carte basis. Since each project is different, we can go over the details during the free consultation.

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