Transition Squad® Turnkey Downsizing Services

Transition Squad® Turnkey Downsizing Services

Transition Squad® offers one stop shopping to help clients downsize. From decluttering to auctioning your home's contents, to donation management, to clearing out the premises, to moving services, we offer a menu of services which can be packaged together based on your unique needs.

Our core specialty is to help our clients sell their belongings through our own online auction platform.

Our Mission

  1. To take away the burden of the downsizing process,
  2. To find a good home for your belongings, and
  3. To get you the most money we can for them.

Our Services Include:
{Fees & commissions vary based on what you have & how much you have. Contact us for a free estimate)

If you can set up a garage sale, you can set up your own online auction. Plus it's faster and a lot less work overall.

You simply provide us with photos and descriptions, and manage the pickup of items that are won. We do the rest. We provide you with upfront phone training, after which you'll be an expert on everything from how to price your items to how to manage the pickup, with ongoing support throughout the process. As well, we:

  • Build a custom web page for your auction
  • Conduct the online auction using our auction platform
  • Advertise and market your auction
  • Collect credit card payment from winners
  • Provide you with winner receipts to manage the pickup, and
  • Charge you a much lower commission as you are doing the onsite work.

If you need help with photography, we can help. Great pictures generate higher bids. Once we have your photos and inventory, the entire auction can be done in as little as 7-10 days.

This is a client specific auction as they have enough to warrant a dedicated auction of their own, typically 40 items or more. If you have a smaller number of items, check out our Flash Auctions solution through our Virtual Consignment Store and Auction House below.

If you are a dealer that sells items regularly and would like to sell by auction, or you would like to start a buy-sell business to earn extra cash or expand your business, ask about our dealer program for volume discounts.

Need help setting up lots, managing photography, creating descriptions, pricing your items, and managing the pickup? If you have at least 75 items with good resale value, our Territory Managers are ready to help, starting with a free in-home consultation.

The entire process can take as little as two weeks. We recommend you do not get rid of anything in advance as items you may throw away or donate may have more value than you think.

Unlike most companies in this business, we are not just liquidators and do not start everything at $1. Depending on your requirements, we research items and price them fairly but aggressively to entice bidding. It takes us a little longer to do the homework than just starting everything at $1, but ensures that you get a reasonable value for your belongings.

Our Consignment Store & Auction House have gone totally virtual to save you time, money and sell your items faster.

This self-serve solution is for those that have a smaller number of items. You can post as little as one item and set your own auction period for as little as 24 hours. That's why we call it our Flash Auctions. But you can also set a longer period to provide more marketing and exposure to more bidders. There is a small listing fee and our reduced commission only applies if your items sell.

We group your items with other clients' items and auction them through our Virtual Consignment Store and Auction House. If any items don't sell the first time, you can always change the price and rerun them at no additional cost.

Unlike inquiries from classifieds type websites, Transition Squad® has an extensive database of serious buyers who have not only registered with us but also provided their credit card on file. All items are prepurchased and paid for on their credit card in advance so you can be confident that your items will be sold and picked up. There is no haggling. All negotiation is handled by our website which creates a bidding war environment. Pickup is arranged directly from your premises at a time that works for you and the buyer.

Traditional consignment requires you to pack and move items to a physical store from where it will be sold. You lose control and possession. There are a lot of costs associated with rent, labor and overheads of maintaining a physical store or warehouse, costs that are built into your fees. Typically, if not sold within a period of time, you have to spend more time and money to again pick your items back up or you have to abandon them. Moving costs are expensive and in many cases will cost more than what you get back, especially for bigger items. Transition Squad®'s Flash Auctions lets you maximize the price you can receive while winners cover the cost of moving the items.

If you have things to sell, donate or dispose of, try Transition Squad®'s Virtual Consignment Store & Auction House first. You'll be surprised at what sells.

Most companies in this industry are liquidators. Transition Squad® is not. We're project managers. Our job is to find ways to get the most money for our clients' belongings with the least amount of hassle for them. Every home has three levels of contents:
  • Garage sale type items
  • Mid-level value items
  • Higher value, more desirable items
If you just have an estate sale, then everything including the higher value, more desirable items, get liquidated at garage sales prices. Even items that are already priced to liquidate are low-balled even further by bargain hunters. Often, the more valuable items also sell for much less than they're worth or not at all.

On the other hand, if you just have an online auction, there is a bidding war for primarily the desirable items. The garage sale items are typically left for disposal. However, the total dollars that be made on garage sale type items can really add up.

Transition Squad®'s unique two step process gives you the best of both worlds. First, we conduct an online auction so there is a bidding war for all the desirable items and the bidding frenzy carries over to the mid and garage level items as well. Then, for anything left unsold, we hold an estate sale in conjunction with the pickup of the auction winnings. We continue to sell until the end of the pickup period. The end result is more items are sold overall and more money is generated for our clients overall. Using this approach, we've actually had many a situation where virtually everything was sold.

Prior to COVID, when clearing out a home, we would drop off as much as we could to a donation center. However, store-based donations must first be sold, which takes time. Then, the money must first be used to pay for rent, staff, utilities and other overheads. Whatever remains, then typically goes to the charity's head office and is first applied to covering their rent, staffing and overheads. By the end of it, only a fraction of the already discounted sale price goes to support the actual cause.

While this is a necessary way for many charities to raise funds, COVID forced us to develop a better program to deal with a large volume of donation items as most of the donation centers were closed. During this period we launched our Shelter Program by establishing relationships first with multiple women's shelters. Their clients are starting totally fresh upon being discharged from the shelters and are in need of furnishings and household items such as dishes, pots and pans, and other basic necessities.

We send pictures of what our clients have available to shelter representatives who distribute them to their clients. As part of the clearout, we deliver desired items directly to the shelters' clients. Through this program, we get usable items directly into the hands of those who really need it.

As part of our menu of services, we offer a full turnkey clear out service. Whether you are having an auction first or not, we can provide you with a very competitive quote to clear out the premises and donate as much as we can to those in need (See Donation Management above), as well as pack and handle your move to your new residence.

Moving can be stressful. Our Moving Services can handle your entire short or long distance move including packing and transportation, all at competitive rates to provide peace of mind and ease of relocation. For long distance moves, we are aligned with national and international carriers that can help relocate you, your contents and even your vehicles whereever you want to go.

CONDOS ARE OUR SPECIALTY! Most companies cannot conduct business in condos to help you sell your contents. But we can. Our unique approach and turnkey service make it possible for us to do things that other companies cannot.

If your home is in a state of chaos or you just need some decluttering, our organizing experts can help you put everything into a state of order so you don't feel overwhelmed. We charge hourly for the service so you can use us for as little or as much as you need. This service available where we have local representatives.

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