About Transition Squad® - What Do We Do?

Transition Squad® does online auctions - estate and downsizing auctions for seniors and families settling an estate, and gift card auctions for retail businesses.

Our consumer division is a full service downsizing company offering a menu of downsizing services and packaging those services based on each client's individual needs. Our core speciality is to help clients' sell their belongings through our online auction platform. If you only have a few things or would prefer to sell your belongings yourself, you are welcome to use our Virtual Consignment Store & Auction House, or upgrade to our Do-It-Yourself Online Auction solution for a more efficient, streamlined process.

Every transition has unique needs. We are experts in managing those needs and taking care of all the details. For many families, a parent transition can be an overwhelming, emotionally draining and physically challenging ordeal. We take a compassionate and practical approach to this difficult process.

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. To take away the burden of the downsizing process so you can focus on what matters
  2. To find a good home for your belongings, and
  3. To maximize the equity in your property and contents back to you or your estate.
To achieve this mission we have created a program that provides a turnkey service so one call does it all. Our goal is to make your life easier and ensure that your transition takes place smoothly and efficiently.

See our solutions matrix for your situation:

Our merchant division works with retail businesses to offer incentives to our members.

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