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Our Do It Yourself Client Managed Online Auction service is available to customers anywhere in North America. We conduct your auction online and advertise it in your area. Transition Squad Managed Online Auctions and our other downsizing services are only available where we have local Territory Managers / Franchisees. Click here for the list of areas where Transition Squad Managed Online Auctions & Downsizing Services are available.

Address:Transition Squad USA Inc.
5004 E Fowler Ave, Ste C 503, Tampa, FL 33617

Transition Squad Canada Inc.
80 Kincort Street, Toronto, ON M6M 5G1

Office Hours:Mon - Fri: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST
Phone:US: Toll Free (866) 249-5474
Canada: Toll Free (866) 276-9680
Calling About:Person To Contact:Extension:
Online Auctions & Other Downsizing Servicesemail Lauraext. 366
Prime Property (Real Estate) Auctionsemail Virafext. 303
Fundraising Auctionsemail Virafext. 303
Technical Supportemail Virafext. 303
Accountingemail Sarahext. 309

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