Transition Squad® Moving Services


Moving is stressful, no doubt about it, regardless of whether you are downsizing, upsizing, relocating or settling an estate.

Between deciding what to take and what to sell, give or throw away, finding time to pack despite the pressures of life, living out of boxes for extended periods of time to finding a reputable, yet affordable, mover you can trust, how can you maintain your life in some semblance or order and maintain your sanity. There is a solution that makes life easier and more convenient while being affordable.

Let Transition Squad® Moving Services manage everything for you. Where we have local franchisees, we take of all the details and ensure your move is as smooth as it can be. You won't need to live out of boxes, or stress for months in advance.

Step 1: We do an onsite visit to understand your needs and determine your goals.

Step 2: After researching the market, we provide you with an estimate using reputable, insured movers.

Step 3: If packing is desired, we come in a few days in advance to get the process started. All supplies are included in our quote.

Step 4: On moving day, our project managers oversee the details and ensure things arrive as they are supposed to.

Step 5: Unpacking is also available upon request so you can settle in quicker.

Step 6: We can also sell items that you no longer want, drop them off at a charity for donation and dispose of items they won't take. All for one, affordable price.

Want an easier moving experience that won't cripple your pocketbook? Contact Transition Squad® today to schedule a moving consultation!

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