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Our Consignment Store & Auction House are going totally virtual to save you time, money and sell your items faster.

This self-serve solution is for those that have a smaller number of items. You can post as little as one item and set your own auction period for as little as 24 hours. That's why we call it our Flash Auctions. But you can also set a longer period to provide more marketing and exposure to more bidders. There is a small listing fee and our reduced commission only applies if your items sell.

We group your items with other clients' items and auction them through our Virtual Consignment Store and Auction House. If any items don't sell the first time, you can always change the price and rerun them at no additional cost.

Unlike inquiries from classifieds type websites, Transition Squad® has an extensive database of serious buyers who have not only registered with us but also provided their credit card on file. All items are prepurchased and paid for on their credit card in advance so you can be confident that your items will be sold and picked up. There is no haggling. All negotiation is handled by our website which creates a bidding war environment. Pickup is arranged directly from your premises at a time that works for you and the buyer.

Traditional consignment requires you to pack and move items to a physical store from where it will be sold. You lose control and possession. There are a lot of costs associated with rent, labor and overheads of maintaining a physical store or warehouse, costs that are built into your fees. Typically, if not sold within a period of time, you have to spend more time and money to again pick your items back up or you have to abandon them. Moving costs are expensive and in many cases will cost more than what you get back, especially for bigger items. Transition Squad®'s Flash Auctions lets you maximize the price you can receive while winners cover the cost of moving the items.

If you have things to sell, donate or dispose of, try Transition Squad®'s Virtual Consignment Store & Auction House first. You'll be surprised at what sells. Coming Soon.

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